Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Beauty Haul!

Hi everyone! so over the last few weeks I've been really naughty and bought a lot of makeup goodies, I didn't even realise how much there were until I put them all together to film my haul video! I will definitely be on a makeup spending ban for a while :( well.... that's what I tell myself anyway! ;)

So anyway the first place I went to was Super drug and I bought some really nice things actually I'm so in love! So the first thing I bought was these two Maybeline Colour Sensational lipsticks and I bought them in the colours Peach poppy which is a really beautiful peachy coral shade which works really well if you have a tan and then in the colour Petal Pink which is a bright Barbie doll pink very similar to the Mac's St Germain Lipstick. I absolutely love the formulation of these lipstick's they last so well and the colours are so pigmented. I really want to go back and see what other colours they have in the same collection.
The next thing I picked up in Super-drug was two of their Maybeline 24 hour colour Tattoo's and I got them in the colours On and On Bronze and Endless purple. They are so pigmented and they seriously last all day long. They also work really well as an eye-shadow base to really make your eye shadow pop.

Also from super-drug I picked up these three MUA Eye-shadow palettes and Oh My God Guys how beautiful are they!!! I am already a huge lover of MUA Eye-shadows but I have mainly neutral colours and I wanted some bright and summery colours and wow I am so in love! They are so buttery and they blend amazingly and they are so cheap! BONUS!!! From left to right in the picture below the colours are Glitterball, Spring Break and Poptastic. 

Next is another eye-shadow Palette and this one if from Gosh and its called the 9 shadow collection in 001 to enjoy New York. This is also another lovely palette with really beautiful colours which can create so many different looks! However I must say they are not as pigmented and easy to blend as the MUA one's but they are still really nice to use.
 Also from Gosh I picked up this Giant Sun powder in 001 and it is huge!! Its such a perfect highlighter though for people who have a tan and it works really well on the top of your cheek bones and any other points on your face that you want to highlight like the cupids bow or brow bone. It is super pigmented though so a tiny tiny bit really does go a long way!

Next thing I bought was the Maybeline Fit me Foundation in the shade 220  and I have heard so many good reviews about it but I just never actually went to try it but when I came back from holiday I was a lot more tanned so I had to buy a new foundation and they actually didn't have the shade I wanted in my trusty old Revlon Colour Stay so I thought I would pick it up and give it a go. Oh my gosh guys this foundation is gorgeous! It's such good coverage and lasts all day long but it has that really healthy sheen to it which makes your skin look so natural and flawless! This might actually be my new go to foundation for the summer! sorry Revlon colour stay but I still love you!!! 

Also from Superdrug I bought this MUA Undress your skin shimmer highlighter, which is this pinky pearl highlighter which has blue and silver undertones. The pigmentation of this is amazing and it looks gorgeous on the cheek bones.

I then picked up this new Maybelline mascara called Lash Sensational and oh my goodness guys this mascara is so so amazing! It gives amazing length and so much volume to the lashes and it doesn't clump at all!

The last thing I bought in Superdrug was this Miss sporty eyeshadow pencil in the colour Gold Almond and this just acts as a really nice shimmery base on the eye lids and also in the inner corners and on the brow bone. 

 The next place I went to was Boots and I also picked up a couple of things from there. The first thing I bought was this Rimmel Scandaleyes Thick & Thin eyeliner. This is amazing for doing winged eyeliner because there is a thick end and a thin end so it makes it so easy!

Then I picked up this seventeen Instant Glow Shimmer Brick and this looks so so nice on the cheek bones as a highlight but it can also be used as both a brush and a bronzer as it has pinky shades as well as bronze shades. 

I also picked up this Maybelline Brow Satin eyebrow pencil in the colour Medium Brown. This is a really nice pencil as it's really thin so it works really well in creating natural tiny hairs on the brows, it lasts all day and it also has a smudger on the other end which is really handy so if you have gone to heavy on the brows you can just run it through to lighten them up.

 The last thing I bought from Boots was this Rimmel Kajal eyeliner in Nude and this is perfect for using in the waterline to make your eyes look really awake and bright and it says on all day without transferring,

So I went on holiday to Majorca a few weeks ago and picked up a few goodies from Duty free! The first thing was a repurchase which is this benefit blusher in Coralista. I am so in love with this blush it looks amazing on any skin tone and adds a really natural glow.

The next thing I bought was this L'oreal Eye-shadow palette called La Palette Nude in the shade Rose. It has some beautiful colours in it the pigmentation is so good.
And then the last thing I picked up was from Mac and It's this Matte lipstick in the colour Lady Danger which is a beautiful orange red which looks so amazing with any makeup look! love it! 

So that's everything I have been buying over the past few weeks. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I also filmed it on my youtube channel which is called Aliixleighxxx. Dont forget to share, like and subscribe if you go check it out it would mean a lot to me :) I'll see you really really soon guys.

Tuesday, 7 July 2015


Hiya everyone!!! I am so so sorry that I have been away for so long, I've just been so busy with assignments and learning to drive that blogging unfortunately had to take a back seat in my life! :( I'm back now though and have so many ideas for this blog in the future so excited!! :D Also I have recently made my own little YouTube channel if you would like to go over  and have a little look my username is Aliixleighxox and I hope to see you there! 

So moving on this is my monthly favourites for June and I have a lot of beauty products which I have been absolutely loving this months so grab a cup of tea and lets get into it!
The first thing is this Schwartzkopf Got 2b Weightless Dry Oil Mist with Argan Oil. For months now I have been obsessed with using Argan oil in my hair trying to make it looks shiny, smooth and sleek however the problem I have with the oil is that sometimes it weighs my hair down and can make it a bit sticky. This product however is amazing! It gives the exact same desired effect as the oil with my hair making it look gorgeously sleek and smooth but without the stickiness and weight of the oil. It is so easy to just throw in your handbag and when your hair is looking a bit dull or frizzy just spray a it of this in your hair and your good to go. Would definitely recommend this to anybody who want sleek and shiny hair without looking greasy or sticky.   

The next product is Garnier body Summer Body moisturising lotion in Deep Sun- Kissed Look. As we are getting into the summer I have been loving being tanned.I just think I always look so much healthier and awake when I have a tan and this particular product is perfect for me! I smells amazing so it doesn't have that "typical" fake tan smell, but it smells fruity and fresh. It doesn't streak or go patchy and it lasts a good few days as well if you prep your skin well before you apply it. 

On the theme of being tanned since I have come back from holiday last week in Majorca maintaining my tan has become very important to be and this product has made that really easy for me which is the Soap + Glory Butter yourself Moisture Lotion. Guys you need to go smell this because it is to die for!!! I cant get enough of it! I have been applying this morning and night every day all over my body for the past two weeks and I have really managed to keep my tan fresh and bright without going patchy and having dry patches on my skin. It isn't a thick consistency like the righteous butter from the same brand so it is perfect for maintaining a tan and also for preparing your skin for fake tanning.

My signature scent this month and for the past couple of months has been My NY DKNY. This smells heavenly! It's a really sweet and fresh scent but it isn't a heavy perfume at all it is very light but the scent lasts all day.If you haven't smelt it and I would definitely recommend going to a shop and smelling it because it is honestly gorgeous and it is quite affordable compared to other perfumes as well.

 I bought this Benefit Coralista Blusher a few weeks ago and Oh my god I am so in love!! It makes my cheeks look amazing and it is the perfect colour for summer to give your cheek bones a gorgeous coral glow. It has very quickly become my got to everyday blusher.
As everyone knows I am a huge fan of Maybeline mascaras but this Lash sensational is the best I have tried by far it's brilliant! It makes my lashes look so long and voluminous with getting clumpy at all and it doesn't transfer on my                                             cheeks or on my eyelids.
With it being summer and being on holiday I have been really loving having a dewy look and finish to my make-up and this Mac Fix+ spray has been essential in me achieving this. I do my make up normally as I do everyday and then spray a few squirts of this all over my face and it completely eradicates any powdery look and gives me a healthy and fresh glow to my skin without making me look oily. 

    I have been looking for a new make-up bag for ages now and I have had Primary ones for years now but I wanted to get a good quality one that was going to last and would protect my make-up more. When I saw this one in Next I completely fell in love! I love everything about it the size,the colours, the shape and also the writing which is just so cute! I used it recently when I went on holiday and it fit all my make-up in for everyday without any problems and kept it all safe and in one piece whilst it was inside my case onthe plane.  

These two lipsticks have been my go to lipstick everyday for the past few weeks and they are the Maybeline colour sensational in 168 Petal Pink and 418 Peach Poppy. I am obsessed with the colours they are bright, fun and perfect for summer and they go with almost anything I wear. I am so in love! The formula is so nourishing and balmy but the colour pay off is really good as well. I wouldn't say they are matte but they aren't too glossy either they are pretty much in-between the two but they last all day on my lips and I love them! I'm definitely going to have to see what other colours are in that range. The top picture below is Petal Pink and the bottom picture is Peach Poppy.

Petal Pink
Peach Poppy

So I'm not sure if a lot of people know about this but I suffer from anxiety and a major trigger for me is going on a plane. When I went on holiday last week me and my boyfriend got split up and I had to sit on my own and calm myself down for 3 hours so as a treat to myself and a sort of reward for coping on my own I bought this Loreal Paris eye shadow palette in Rose on the plane. The colours are absolutely gorgeous and can make some amazing eye looks.There is a mixture of shimmery shades and matte shades and also a highlight colour for the brow one and for the inner corner of the eyes. 

My last favourite for June is these two books that I was obsessed with on holiday they are a series called Beautiful Disaster and Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire. If you love young romance, adventure and some plot twists then these are the books for you. It about two teenagers Abby and Travis becoming friends in college and slowly falling in love with each other without realising and trying to keep their friendship as well. I literally couldn't put these books down and I am so sad there isn't any more in the series! :(

Well that's all the products I have been loving this month, there was a lot I know haha! If you have any questions comment below or tweet me @Aliixleighxxx and I will be back with another blog post soon! Have a lovely day beauties! x

Monday, 6 April 2015


Hey Everyone! I had planned on having so many OOTD's whilst I was in Madrid for five days but I had a super blonde moment and decided not to bring my laptop last minute completely forgetting that my camera's SD card was in it! haha! It took me a while to track one down in the town but on the third day i managed! Horrraaaay! :) The weather in Madrid was amazing we were so lucky! I had bought cardigans and jeans to wear in case but I literally lived in these T shirts, skirt and Shorts. I hope you enjoy Lovelies! xox

  Day 1. 
So this day we did a lot of sight seeing, walking around the city, cathedrals and shops so I wanted to be comfy and cool enough at the same time. The T shirt I am wearing is from Marks & Spencer's I also got it in Peach, white and black and I am so in love they are perfect for spring. My body-con skirt is from New look, my shoes are white trainers from New look, my Necklace is from Aldo I think and I am wearing my Guess sunglasses, my Guess Watch and my chlo bo, Thomas Sabo and AlexandAni Bracelet. 

Day 2.
The next day I went for the same sort of thing with my outfit. My Lilac cami top is from Matalan which I also got in Mint Green, my white ripped shorts are from Primark and so is my black Kimono. I wore the same white shoes and the same jewellery as the previous day other than the necklace.

Day 3.
For the last day I wore the same skirt as the first outfit but with the Peach top instead of the lilac and the same jewellery and shoes. 

I am sorry that post was so short I will remember my SD card next time! If you have any questions or comments please comment below or tweet me @Aliixleighxxx. Hope you have a lovely day beauties and had an amazing Easter eating lots of chocolate bunnies and eggs!
 Lots of Love 

Saturday, 21 March 2015


 Hey Everyone! So recently I picked up a few Beauty items from Superdrug so I thought I would show you all what I got and what I think of the products. Hope you enjoy lovelies! xxx

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation. £8.99
I have been meaning to try out this foundation for ages, after seeing so many good reviews on it. Usually I love a matte finish to my make up. However since the weather has been getting that little bit warmer, I have loved having a healthy glow to my skin and this foundation makes my skin look so bright and fresh without looking too dewy or oily.

Maybelline Falsies Mascara. £7.99
This is my  favourite mascara ever!! I have bought so many tubes of it. It makes my lashes look so long with lots of volume without looking too clumpy its amazing!

Eyelure exaggerate lashes. No 143 £6.99
I love these particular lashes because I have more almond shaped eyes and these lashes make my eyes look so much more wider and awake. I also really like the Tanya Burr Bambi Eye's lashes they are just as beautiful.

Impulse Tease. £1.99
I have bought so many of the different scents from this body spray brand but this has to be my favourite by far it smells very fresh yet slightly musky as well.

Barry M Gelly Nail Paints in Fondant, Rose Hip and Prickly Pear. £3.99
These nail polishes make my nails look so shiny and flawless with just one coat. I thought these colours would be perfect for spring and I also love pastel!

Elegant Touch Express Press On instant nails. £7.99
I have to say unfortunately as pretty as these nails look they were pretty disappointing. It says on the packaging that they last 7 days well they were all popping off on my nails half way through one day. As great of an idea these are, I really won't be buying them again.

Maybelline Super Stay 14HR Lipstick Beige for Good. £6.99
I have been loving the Kylie Jenner inspired Lip combination at the moment and this colour is a lovely shade on my lips without making it look washed out or 'concealer lips'.

I hope you enjoyed this little haul lovelies and if you have any questions or opinions on these products please comment below or tweet me @Aliixleighxxx Have a lovely day Beauties! Lots of Love!

Wednesday, 18 March 2015


Hey everyone! Hope you all had a good Mothers Day! I had a lovely day with my family going to the cinema and then having a delicious Sunday roast at home with everyone :) 

White Jeans- Topshop
 Blouse- Next
 Cardigan- New Look
 Boots- New Look
 Watch- Guess
  Bracelet- AlexandAni, ChloBo and Thomas Sabo

Hope you all enjoyed this short little post! Comment down below or tweet me a pic of your Mothers Day outfits @Aliixleighxxx.  Have a lovely day beauties! Lots of love!

Friday, 6 March 2015


What type of extensions did you get?
Micro bonded. A small bead is clamped on to the natural hair and then threaded through it using the loop attached to the hair extensions. Pliers are then used to clamp the hair extension ring to the natural hair. There is no heat or glue used so it is supposedly the last damaging method of hair extensions for your hair. 
I bought my hair from LushHairextensions.com and it was the 18" remy hair weft.

How long do they last and when do they need to be removed?
Depending on how well you look after them the extensions should last up to 3-5 months, but they do need to be tightened and re-lifted every 4-6 weeks. 

Do they hurt?
They shouldn't hurt at all when they are being put in they should just feel tight. However for a couple of days afterwards they will probably feel very tight and uncomfortable untill the hair starts to fall a little and settle into the natural hair. I would say by day 3 you shouldn't feel any pain or discomfort. 

Maintenance of the Hair Extensions. 

Use nourishing and natural shampoo's and conditioners like Moroccan oil and argon oil because they will give the extensions that essential moisture they need to keep them looking sleek and healthy. However do not put any shampoo or conditioner on the beads because they will make the hair slippy and the beads will fall out a lot easier. 

When shampooing wash the top of your scalp like normally in a slow and gentle motion as well as  being very gentle around the beads. Smooth the rest of the shampoo down the lengths of the hair rubbing very gently.

Rub conditioner on to your hands and smooth down the lengths of the hair keeping away from the beads. 

When the conditioner is all rinsed out use a wide tooth comb to de-tangle the hair before drying.

When drying your hair do not rub a towel vigorously around out as this will cause the hair to tangle and matt. Instead dab and squeeze the hair with a towel until the hair is damp. 

ALWAYS use heat protector before drying your hair as this will prevent the end of the hair from becoming damaged and split.

Never use hard bristle brushes on the hair as this will rip the beads out. Instead use a soft bristle brush or a tangle teaser.

You should brush your hair fully at least once a day, but make sure it is no more than 3 times a day as this can cause the hair shed.

DO NOT leave your hair extensions wet after washing without brushing them out because it will cause them to get extremely matted and tangled. 

Hair extensions are a lot of work but as long as you put in the effort to keep them maintained you should have lovely long silky hair and it should cause any damage to your natural hair. 

I hope this helped you know how to look after micro bead extensions any questions comment below or tweet me @Aliixleighxxx.Thanks for reading and Have a lovely day beauties!